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How to manage Rolling Memberships in Odoo.

April 24, 2018 · 4 minutes read

Rolling Membership in Odoo

It is often a tedious task to manage memberships, as there involve both fixed and rolling membership options. The membership-based organizations like recreation clubs, gyms, libraries, charity organizations, chamber of commerce, health clubs often cups you with challenges in managing the list of contacts i.e. members based on their membership status. In all these organizations there will be two types of memberships- fixed and rolling. There will be differences in membership fees as per the joining date of the members. Therefore it is too challenging to manage and run the business in such cases as it draws big loss to the organization if someone is accessing the facilities of the organization without paying their memberships.

Therefore an efficient software is mandatory to organize all your information in one place, as all the major shares of revenue come from membership fees. Though there are several membership management modules available online with good billing, invoicing and stock management. The major drawback that holds them is they work on the basis of default management as they work primarily on fixed membership management system. With the Odoo ERP, one can erase this problem by adding the membership module supporting rolling members.

Firstly, let us understand the difference between Fixed Memberships and Rolling Memberships before we get into the implementation of this feature in Odoo.

As the name suggests, fixed membership acts are where an organization has a fixed start and end date of the memberships. For example, 1st of January to 31st of December every year or 1st July to 30th June every year. It is easier for the organization to keep memberships of this type because they can predict the cash flow and the major workload falls on a particular date and they can predict and plan it. It is difficult to manage sometimes as well for those new members who question joining in the middle of the year and ask for an extension of the membership end date or the accounts team has to create a pro-rated membership record for these members.

Rolling Memberships are those where you can become a member of the organization any day and the membership ends at the end of the period of the membership. For example, a one-month membership starting on 10th November will end on 9th November and a one-year membership starting on 4th July will end on 3rd July next year. Of course, there are disadvantages as well. It spreads out the effort required which means you will need resources to work every day/month/week and that may not be the case with some small associations.

Odoo supports fixed memberships out of the box with the membership module but doesn’t support rolling memberships. Our new module will allow you to do that.
How to install membership module

Firstly, go to membership product

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-1


How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-2

Here you can see the primary default fixed membership option.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-3

Install a module inducing the rolling membership option.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-4

You can see there are two membership options. Fixed membership and rolling membership

Under Fixed Membership, the user needs to provide membership start date and end date in membership product form.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-5

But if you select the Rolling Membership, there will be four options for setting the volume duration i.e.1 Month, 3 Months,6 Months and 1 Year.

Those options will decide the duration of particular membership product.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-6

Change the membership duration during Invoicing.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-7

While buying rolling membership product you can change the default start date which is the current date and the end date will automatically get changed according to the duration you select.

Select< Duration>. Save. Go to members. Create a member who wants to buy a membership. Type < Name>, Click on Membership Status tab.

A pop up will come asking which membership product you want to buy.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-9

Select the membership in that case. The default starts with the start date and end date. You change the current date which automatically calculates the end date.

Click Membership button. Validate Invoice and Make payment.

How-to-manage- Rolling-Memberships-in-Odoo-10

The new Customer status is updated.

Hope this article was useful to you.


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