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Odoo 15 eCommerce Module New Features

April 8, 2022 · 9 minutes read

For companies who are searching for a better platform to market their product and services directly to the customers, creating their own website and eCommerce site will benefit them in many ways. One of the most essential features of creating your own website is you will get to know the details about the customers who purchase your products and services. These contact details can be utilized to send promotional programs, marketing emails, offers and discounts on your products, and new product announcements. The possibilities of marketing your products and services using a website are endless. With the help of an efficient website management system, you can run your business online effortlessly. 

The Odoo ERP system provides you with a dynamic website management system along with the features of eCommerce that can be used to develop and run your own website. The website building feature available in Odoo can help you to decide how to design your web pages, the way it looks, what features must be added and many more to create a user-friendly website for promoting your business. By publishing posts, blogs, products, events, courses, and forums on your website, you can directly influence your customers to your business. 

Every year, Odoo releases its latest versions with new features to provide the best business management experience for its users. The Odoo 15, the latest version of Odoo published recently, introduced some excellent features in its modules that will aid you to perform various business operations successfully. You can find innovative tools in the Website and eCommerce module that can help you to improve operational effectiveness better than in earlier times. You will get complete control over the management of your business with the help of the new version of Odoo.

This blog will help you to understand the new features available in the Website and eCommerce module in Odoo 15.

Every feature in the Website & eCommerce module plays an important role in providing a dynamic platform for your customers to know about your company and the services you provide. Let’s take a look at each of the new features available in Odoo 15.

Price Range Filter

Using the Customize menu available on your website, you can effortlessly customize the appearance of each web page. This menu offers advanced features that help you to provide a better experience to your customers on your website. On the Shop page, you can find the Filter by Prices option which is a new feature in Odoo 15.

By activating this feature, you can allow your customers to filter the products on your site based on the price range of products. 

The customers can set a price range using this feature and Odoo will filter the products with respect to the selected price range.

Share Button

When you select a product from the Shop page, Odoo will lead you to the product description page on your website which contains a detailed description of the product. Using the Customize menu, just like we said earlier, you can configure additional features to the page. Odoo 15 enables you to configure Share buttons on your product description page, which will help a user to share details regarding the product through different social media platforms.

As you can see in the screenshot above, activating the Share Button from the Customize menu will show the options to connect with various social media accounts.

Gift Cards

The Gift Card is a new feature in Odoo 15 that can be used while purchasing a product from the company website. You can configure various types of gift cards in the Odoo Website module from the Configuration menu to provide discounts and gift vouchers for your customers. 

Using these gift cards, Odoo will allow customers to pay for the product they purchased from the eCommerce site.

Already available Gift Cards can be seen in the Website module as shown in the image above. Click on the create button to create a new gift card.

As you can see in the image above, a gift card in Odoo includes the details about Created on, Expired Date, Code, Buy Line, Buy POS Order Line, Redeems, Initial Amount, Balance, and Partner.

When you purchase a product from the website, you will get the ‘Pay with a gift card’ option to pay the amount using your gift card. All you have to do is, mention the gift card code in the given field and click the Pay button.

Inventory Modes

Using the Inventory option in the Settings menu of the Website module, you can manage the availability of products on your eCommerce site. 

In Odoo 15, you can continue selling even when the product is out of stock using the corresponding option as marked in the screenshot above. Once the product is replenished, the customers will be notified. You can also decide when to show the number of available quantities on your website using the Inventory field in the Settings menu.

Sort By

On the eCommerce page, you can sort the products based on the newest arrival which is a new feature in Odoo 15.

This feature will help a customer to get the list of the newest arrivals on the site easily.

Base Unit Price

In the Settings menu of the Odoo 15 Website module, you will get the Base Unit Price option under the products tab to activate.

This option can be activated to add the price per base unit of measure on your products. 

While configuring a product in Odoo, you can mention the Base Unit Count to display it on your eCommerce page.

Improved Wishlist

For out-of-stock products, Odoo will notify you when the product is back in stock if you added the product to your wishlist. This is a new feature in Odoo 15.

This feature will be helpful for customers to get notifications when their favorite product is back in stock. 

Ecommerce Filter Visibility

While configuring different attributes for products, you can decide whether you want to show these attributes in the eCommerce filter or not. To show the attributes in the eCommerce filters, you can select the Visible option. Selecting the Hidden option will hide these attributes from the available eCommerce filters.

Stay on Page after Adding to Cart

When a customer adds a product to the cart, some eCommerce sites will redirect customers to other pages on their site as a part of their marketing strategy. But, using Odoo 15, you can allow your customers to stay on the same page after adding products to the cart. 

For this, you can activate the ‘Stay on page after adding to cart option from the Settings menu of the Website module. By doing so, no redirect will happen whenever a customer adds a product to the cart.

Donation Snippet

The availability of advanced blocks for designing the website is the most attractive feature of Odoo Website Builder. In Odoo 15, you will get a new block called Donation Snippet to add a field for donation on your website. You can just drag and drop the snippet to your website to conduct donation programs for any company or charity.

Using the Style and Theme features from the editing panel, you can design the Donation block effortlessly.  

Embed Code

The Embed Code Snippet is a new feature in Odoo 15 that will help you to design your website using HTML codes. This snippet can be found under the Dynamic Content field in the editing panel.

Gradient Color

The Color Gradient feature in Odoo 15 is a new feature that helps you to apply color gradients on texts, buttons, etc. 

This feature is helpful to highlight a particular text or button among others.


While designing your website, you can style the background using different shapes to make it more attractive. This feature is new in Odoo 15 that can be found in the Style field as marked in the screenshot below. 

When you click on the Shape button in the Background menu, Odoo will display various shapes for your website background and you can select suitable one from the available options according to your need.

Automatic Invoice

When a customer completes the payment procedures while doing online purchases, Odoo will automatically generate customer invoices in the backend. You will be able to activate this new feature in Odoo 15 from the Settings menu of the Website module.

The invoice is generated automatically and available in the customer portal when the transaction is confirmed by the payment acquirer.


It is easy to add animation for text and images on your website using Odoo 15. This feature is beneficial in designing web pages in an attractive way.

Mobile View

Odoo 15 provides you with a mobile view of your website. This option can be used to control the visibility on the mobile phone.

Manage Payment Methods

You can easily manage the payment methods configured on your website from the My Account page.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Manage Payment Methods option is a new feature in Odoo that helps the user to adjust payment methods.

Search Snippet

Search snippets as the name indicates will help you to provide a search bar on your website. This feature serves as a searching option for customers to locate required data from your website. 

You can use this option to search anything and Odoo will show results from the published blogs, posts, forums, products, courses, and other content on your website.

Video Building Blocks

When you design your website, you can add building blocks to the required space in Odoo. To add background for these blocks, you can use the Style option which is available for each block on your website.

You can set colors, images, videos, and shapes as your website background using the Styling tools. When you add a video as your website background, you will get twelve suggested videos in Odoo 15.

In order to develop and design your web pages and eCommerce sites according to your business requirements, Odoo ensures excellent tools in the latest version which will assist you to customize the entire look, theme, and features focused on customers.


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