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Over customized ERPs may drop you down

April 13, 2018 · 3 minutes read

No matter how much an IT firm is supported by the software, hardware and other technological supports and backups, the ultimate success of any business firm lies in the hand of its right implementation tool and its successful run. And the most challenging part revolving here is that the success of any business is in the hands of its users as their judgment underscores the utility and usability of particular software. A good experience results in best impression following success and on another side, a bad experience with the user can result in great loses. Therefore today, the IT sector especially the software developers have to run back and forth in meeting the goals and roles of their clients.

Employees and customers are two integral part of any business. Both parts should be handled with utmost care and priority for a successful business run. Therefore an effective and successful communication plays a crucial role. The question is how we can implement a successful communication channel between the two.

Here we go with the solution!!Any communication between employees and customers can be successfully managed by ERP systems and CRM solutions. Today, the ERP and CRM solutions rule the business world as they cater to minute detailing in managing the business needs. There are various types of business software apps, which acts as the ultimate solution to business administration and managing woes. The app lists are endless that it’s highly crucial to evaluate the best ones. To buy, install, configure and support, it is important to have the ultimate ERP solutions, which are user-friendly to end users in different business processes. Customization is one key element, always taken into consideration before deploying any enterprise resource planning systems.

With Open source ERP solutions, where the source codes are made publically available the customization of each module is made easier. This resulted in Open ERP as the most advocated software tool among the business communities. But often, the over customization results in cluttered and misleading option taking a business to a negative shade resulting in profit loss.

Here are the few listings that discuss why over customization should be avoided in any business.

Resources Loss

More the customization, more the amount of time and energy invested to make it live. This can simultaneously increase the cost of production and push back whole company resources. The more time taken for customization will leave other areas like strong implementation and maintenance unattended creating loopholes and bug errors.

Difficulty in Future Upgrading

Businesses widely use custom-made solutions for better ERP implementation to process a smooth and seamless business solution. But an over customized ERP solution always cause the business to pay a high price in the end. The reason is more customizations, leads to more additions to the solution and the ability to upgrade those timely turns challenging and difficult. Implementation experts want their system to fit in accordance to how employees do important tasks. But often with over customization the new additions are left unattended for an upgrade.

Elimination of Best ERP practices

ERP systems at their core include the industry’s best practices. By adding more custom-made solutions, companies’ growth gets down. Toolbox of businesses is changed instead of altering the systems to meet their business needs.

Market Alterations

ERP solution providers want businesses to request customizations! With these, marketers can have a great control over the systems. Fundamentally, companies have to alter businesslike ERP solutions with unique upgrades.


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