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What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

November 14, 2022 · 8 minutes read

The business world around us is continuously changing and developing every day by embracing new technologies. The tremendous growth of the business world resulted in the emergence of several new small and big companies in the same field. In today’s marketing field, we can see the neck to neck competition between companies in order to provide a good quantity and quality of products and services to their customers. In this competitive era, making a customer happy and satisfied with the product or service you provide for them is the primary step of the journey towards your company’s success. We all know that the customers have the power to help in the growth of a company. If they are not satisfied or happy with your product or service, it will definitely reflect on your business in a negative way. 

In order to provide quality customer support and assistance, companies nowadays depend on helpdesk management software. A helpdesk Management software works based on a ticket system. Such software will automate the entire process of resolving a complaint from a customer and provide a perfect solution for the reported issue within the time limit. It is possible to track complaints from customers through different channels and provide adequate support to them at the earliest. If you are confused about which helpdesk management software is the best in the market now, then you can undoubtedly select the Helpdesk Management System of Odoo ERP which will provide great assistance in customer management multiple times better than others. 

Every year, Odoo makes sure to introduce new features in its modules that help users in showcasing enhanced performance. When you take a look at the Helpdesk management system in Odoo 15, which is the latest version of Odoo available in the market now, you can find several new updates that can be used to boost the customer support and service operations. With the help of this dedicated module, a company can strengthen customer relationships by providing top quality services. 

Let’s discuss the newly introduced features and tools in the Helpdesk module of Odoo 15 one by one. This will also help you to understand how these features guide a user in ensuring advanced customer support. 

Using the Helpdesk module you can easily track and manage tickets that are generated automatically in Odoo based on the complaints and queries reported from customers. In Odoo 15, the user will be able to get several new smart buttons to simplify the operations, advanced views to monitor the ticket management activities, options for the direct conversion of leads, and an improved reporting menu. 

Kanban View 

The Helpdesk Team window in Odoo 14 provides list view only for the users. When it comes to the Helpdesk Team platform of Odoo 15, you can find the List view as well as the Kanban view. As shown in the image below, the Kanban view of the Helpdesk Teams provides the details of each team configured in Odoo in separate tabs.

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

You will get direct options to monitor SLA Issues, Unassigned Tickets, and Customer Satisfaction from the Kanban view itself. In order to get the details of the tickets assigned for each team, you can use the Tickets button as marked in the image above. Additionally, clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of each team will provide a settings option to make adjustments in the corresponding team’s data. The newly added Kanban view in the Helpdesk Teams platform simplifies the management of teams from the Kanban view itself by providing direct access to SLA Issues, Tickets, Unassigned Tickets, and Reports of Customers Satisfaction. 

Convert to Lead

While managing a ticket in the Helpdesk module, it is possible to convert the ticket into a new lead in Odoo 15. The user will get the Convert to Lead button in the form view of a ticket in the Odoo Helpdesk module as shown below.

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

Using this button, you can directly convert this opportunity to a lead from the ticket management window itself. For this, click on the Convert to Lead button. At the moment you click on this button, a pop-up window will appear where you can specify details regarding the creation of a new lead from the ticket. 

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

While converting the ticket to a lead, you can create a new customer or link to an existing customer. If you don’t want to link this lead to any of the customers saved in your system, you can select the corresponding option from the Customer field. Additionally, you can assign the responsibility of the lead to a particular Sales Team and Salesperson by mentioning their name in the fields given under the Sales Team tab. Finally, click on the Convert button to convert the ticket to a new lead.

Automatic Closing

It is possible to close inactive tickets automatically with the help of a new feature called Automatic Closing in the Odoo 15 Helpdesk module. By activating this feature, Odoo will automatically close the inactive tickets once they reach the specified period of inactivity and you don’t need to pay any attention to the inactive tickets anymore. In order to activate this feature, you can select a particular Helpdesk team and go to the Settings menu of the selected team. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can activate the Automatic Closing option under the Self-Service field. 

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

When you activate this feature, some additional fields will appear as marked above. In the Move to Stage field, you can specify the stage of tickets to which the closed tickets will be automatically moved once they reach a particular period of inactivity. The number of days of inactivity of a ticket based on which the ticket will be closed can be specified in the given space. The inactive tickets under the stages specified in the ‘In Stages’ field will be automatically closed. If you want to automatically close the inactive tickets included in all stages, you can leave the field empty. 

New Smart Buttons

Odoo 15 enabled several smart buttons in the Helpdesk module, that will help a user to manage almost all ticket management operations in easier and simple methods. These newly added smart buttons will provide shortcuts to the platforms related to the operations of the corresponding ticket. 

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

The new smart buttons available in the Helpdesk Team management window can be seen as shown in the image above. The total number of tickets assigned to the selected helpdesk team can be viewed with the help of the Tickets button. By clicking on this button, you can easily monitor and manage all tickets assigned to this particular team in a separate window. Another smart button available in this window is the Timesheet Encoding Unit, which will record the total number of hours/days taken to solve the reported issue. This will set the unit of measure used to encode the timesheets. The repair orders created by this particular helpdesk team from the assigned tickets can be managed with the help of the Repair smart button. Using the SLA Policies button, the user will get access to the SLA Policies platform. It is possible to publish a helpdesk form on your website on behalf of a particular helpdesk team of the company where the customers can submit their queries and complaints. The Go-To Website button can be used for publishing the helpdesk form of a helpdesk team on your company website.

You will get a new smart button in the ticket management window also. In the form view of a ticket, you will get a smart button called Tickets which will show all tickets submitted or created by the same customer.

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

Customer Rating

Customer Rating is a new reporting feature introduced in Odoo 15. The option to analyze the rating from customers can be seen under the Reporting menu of the Helpdesk module. With the help of this new feature, a company can easily evaluate customers’ responses to the customer support provided by assigned helpdesk teams.

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

The user will get Kanban, List, Pivot, as well as Graphical views on this platform. This new reporting feature can be used to understand how much the customers are satisfied with the assistance you provided for them. By analyzing their ratings, the authority can take necessary actions to enhance the customer support system of the company.

Sales Order Item

When you create a new support ticket in the Odoo 15 Helpdesk module, you will get a new field to mention the concerning Sales Order Item. This field will only appear after mentioning the name of the customer in the Customer field. 

What are the Features Introduced in Odoo 15 Helpdesk

With the help of all these newly introduced features, Odoo ensures smooth management of customer queries and complaints without any delay in action. By considering the necessity of a dedicated platform for providing assistance to customers, Odoo has developed each of these new features in a way that the company can guarantee the best customer support system. Effortless management of support tickets can be easily achieved using the new features of the Odoo 15 Helpdesk module.


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