What Are The New General Features Of Odoo 16

March 15, 2023 · 8 minutes read

Odoo has released its new version, Odoo 16, with plenty of new features and enhancements. Odoo 16 is the latest version of the popular open-source ERP, and it is packed with features that will make your business operation more efficient and productive.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the new general features of Odoo 16 that you should be aware of. And in the coming blog, we can have a deep look into the new changes brought to all the modules of the platform.

Odoo 16 Introduces a New Module.

Knowledge Module

The Knowledge module is a new module introduced by Odoo in its 16 versions. It is considered as a powerful tool used to store, organize, and share information within an organization. It allows users to create and manage knowledge bases, documents, and more. Knowledge bases are collections of documents and other resources that can be used to store and share information. Documents can be uploaded directly from the user’s computer or from excel sources. The module also allows users to collaborate on documents and share them with other users. To know more about the Knowledge module, watch the link below. Overview of Odoo 16 Knowledge App | What are the Features of Odoo 16 Knowlege App

Let us have a quick look at the features of the new module:
Act as an Info-sharing hub.
It allows you to include various business processes, discussions, informative articles, administrative guidelines, documents, etc.
This exclusive application allows you to keep track of effective communication inside the company.
You can make use of this application to frame new articles and hand them out throughout the organization. So it will be very useful for collaborative work.
By using this application, you can centralize your organizational information.
Easily access company information.
It is also possible to share the article information with an outside organization through the link.
You have the provision to change the access rights as per company policies. You can set internal users either read, write, or have no access.

New General Features

The new Search bar

When you look into the Dashboard window of Odoo 16, you will be met with a new renewed search bar for a quick search.

New menu under the Favorites tab

When you click on the Favorites tab, you can view the latest new menus called ‘Insert view in article’ and ‘Insert link in article.

Help Icon

You can find a new Help icon, a question mark(?) located in the top right corner of each field in the form view. This icon will only be visible if you are activated the developer mode. By hovering over this icon, you will get a pop-up where you can get the details about that particular field.

Internal Link

In Odoo 16, we can see an Internal Link option which is available on the Many2one field. This option is very useful for redirecting to the form view of the field data.

Rearranged button layout and No more Edit button

In Odoo 16 database, you can experience a remodification in the button layout, and you can’t find the Edit button anymore. When you look at the CREATE button available in any form view, you can view that the CREATE button is shifted from the top left corner to the right corner, and you can also view the Action and Print buttons on the top right, as shown in the image below.

No more Edit and Save buttons. Instead, a single click on the corresponding field makes the platform prepares for editing. That means you can edit the records straightly with a single click on the field. Similarly, all the entries will be automatically saved into the system without the need to save each separately. Likewise, it is also available the new two icons such as ‘Save manually’ and ‘Discard Changes’ as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Main performance improvements in Odoo 16

1. Improved Database Performance: Odoo 16 has improved database performance with increased speed and scalability. It uses PostgreSQL 12, which provides better query optimization, faster transaction speed, and more scalable architecture. Every page in the backend became 3.7 times faster to load and render. The Website module and eCommerce modules became 2.7 times faster to load controllers than the previous versions.
2. Odoo GraphQL API: The new Odoo GraphQL API offers a more efficient way for developers to access query data from the Odoo database. The developers can now make queries and retrieve data from the backend with fewer lines of code, thus improving the efficiency and performance of their applications.
3.Faster Web Client Performance: The new version of the Odoo web client is faster and more responsive than ever before. It uses a new JavaScript library that reduces the number of requests to the server, making the web client faster.
4. Improved Reporting: Odoo 16 has improved reporting capabilities, such as a new reporting engine that can generate reports in Excel, CSV, and PDF formats.
5.Faster From Rendering: Odoo 16 has improved from rendering performance by using a new rendering engine that is faster and more efficient. This reduces the time it takes to render forms.
6.Improved Search Performance: The search performance has improved with a new search engine that is faster and more accurate. It can search through large amounts of data quickly and return more relevant results.
7. Improved User Interface: Odoo 16 possess an improved user interface that is easier to use and more intuitive. It is designed with usability in mind, so users can quickly find the information they need.
8.Improved Security: Odoo 16 has improved security with a new authentication system. This system is more secure and provides better protection against malicious attacks.
9.Faster Module Loading: Odoo 16 has improved the loading time of modules. The modules are now loaded in a more efficient way.
10. Faster Search: Odoo 16 has improved its search performance by introducing a new search engine. This new search engine is faster, more reliable, and more accurate.
11.Improved Performance Profiler: Odoo 16 introduces a new performance profiler, which helps developers and users to identify and resolve performance issues. The performance profiler can be used to identify slow processes, optimize queries, and find bottlenecks.
12. Improved Debugging Capabilities: Odoo 16 has improved its debugging capabilities. This includes a new Debugging Toolbar, which helps developers to debug their code and identify potential issues.
13.One price for all applications: With the advent of Odoo 16, the prices for applications in the enterprise edition are minimized. Previously Odoo charged separate prices for each module. The user should purchase each module separately, and each application has different prices. But, in the case of Odoo 16, Odoo introduced one price for all applications for a single user. Now, Odoo ERP marks a lower cost when compared with other software.
14.Odoo offers unlimited hosting, support, and maintenance for all plans.
15.Any of one application will be completely free of cost for unlimited users.
16.Odoo ERP also introduced dark mode on its 16 version.
17.Improved Dashboard: The Dashboard is useful for tracking and monitoring all the data in a single window. The 16 version completely revamped its dashboard, and it is able to review all the module details. You can effortlessly add custom fields.
18.Spreadsheet improvements: The Spreadsheet tools allow you to edit sheets collaboratively, and it is also possible to import or export excel files flawlessly. It also supports tables, charts, frozen panes, hidden columns, rows, and more.
19.Context-based custom fields: The new version allows you to create custom ‘Property’ fields on your tickets, leads, tasks, and articles.
20.Access Rights and Group Inheritance: In the new version, you will get a warning message if the access rights configuration is not valid.
21.Email Templates Customization: Now, it is possible to customize the layout and content of email templates from General Settings.
22.Portal Account Deactivation: The portal users of the platform can remove their account themselves if they are not needed this particular portal account anymore.
23.Multiple Languages: Odoo 16 platform support to installation of multiple languages simultaneously.
24.PDF Preview: Links: From Odoo 16 onwards, all the links are opened in a new browser tab at the time of previewing a PDF attachment.
25.PDF Reports Spacing: The spacing between sections in PDF reports is increased to improve their readability.
26.PDF Reports: Arabic Font: Use Arabic script in PDF reports with the Tajawal font
27.Improved User Experience: The Odoo 16 dramatically enhances the user experience. You can notice the improved user-friendliness in almost all modules, especially the Employee management, Product management, Website, eCommerce, Marketing, and Sign modules, have significantly improved.
28.More simplified and user-friendly User interface, workflow, or management.
29.More comfortable for smoother communication
30.Provide delightful customer experience and improved productivity.
31.Responsive design in Odoo community edition: Odoo 16 Community possesses a new responsive and mobile-friendly interface with a modern design.

These are just some of the new features and enhancements that you’ll find in Odoo 16. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Odoo 16 is the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes to manage their operations more efficiently and cost-effectively. In the coming blog, let us discuss all the improvements made in different modules in detail.

Take a look at Odoo 14 vs 15 to see the changes between those two versions of the software before moving on to Odoo 16 if you wish to compare them. There, all of the key variations between Odoo 14 vs 15 are succinctly outlined.


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