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Odoo 16 Subscription Management Documentation

June 13, 2023 · 4 minutes read

Odoo 16 is a powerful open-source enterprise-level management software package that can be used to manage a wide range of business tasks and activities. It is widely adopted by many organizations due to its flexibility and scalability. One of the modules available in the Odoo platform, the Odoo 16 Subscription module, provides a way for businesses to manage their subscription plans across their users. It allows businesses to create and manage various subscription plans for their customers, take care of their billing and payments, keep track of usage, and more. 

Let us define the Odoo 16 Subscription module and its features in this article.

What is an Odoo 16 Subscription module?

The Odoo 16 Subscription module is a robust business tool that allows organizations to manage their subscription plans across their users. The Odoo subscription Module provides businesses with a platform to manage their customer’s subscriptions, payment systems, usage tracking, and reporting. It also allows organizations to create different subscription plans based on their customer’s requirements and preferences.

Features and Benefits

  1. User-friendly subscription plans: Organizations can create customized subscription plans based on customer requirements and preferences. They can also manage their customers’ subscription plans with ease.
  2. Comprehensive user registration and billing options: Organizations can register their users and manage their payment details. They can also generate subscription invoices and manage payment services for their customers.
  3. Usage tracking and reporting: Organizations can track and monitor their customers’ subscription usage and generate reports based on the data. This enables them to assess customer retention and usage trends. This information can then be used to improve the user’s subscription services.
  4. Payment System Integration: Odoo 16 Subscrioption module is highly integrated with multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, etc. This allows organizations to provide their customers with secure and convenient payment services.
  5. Automated Notifications: Organizations can set up automatic notifications about subscription plan changes, expirations, and payments to keep their customers informed.
  6. Flexible Subscription Options: The Odoo Subscription module provides users with the ability to create flexible subscription options for their customers. This includes offering discounts, offering free trials, and setting up subscription payment schedules.
  7. Automated Billing Cycles: With the Odoo 16 Subscription module, you can create recurring billing cycles for each of your customers. So once you have easily set up your customers’ data, the system will automate the invoicing process to make it go faster. Accounting is kept up to date automatically, including the creation, verification, and encoding of payments. You can define the frequency, payment details, and other parameters of these billing cycles, and they will be automatically applied to the customer when the product is purchased.
  8. Easily Track Subscribers: The Odoo 16 Subscription module allows you to automatically track your customers’ subscriptions and ensure that all payments are made on time. You can easily manage all of your customers’ subscriptions through a single dashboard.
  9. Monitor Subscribers: Odoo Subscription module enables you to monitor your customers’ subscriptions and gauge the performance of each of your products and services. You can have an overview of how your products and services are performing in terms of sales and total revenue.
  10. Multiple Currency Support : This exclusive platform supports automatic payment in multiple currencies. This feature enables you to accept payments in different forms such as Euros, Dollars, Pound, etc.
  11. Scalability : Odoo 16 Subscription module has a scalable infrastructure that allows for easy scalability and expansion of the system to accommodate the varying needs of modern businesses. This feature enables you to easily set up complex subscriptions and add new features as you grow.
  12. Easy Signup with no need to log in : You can increase sales by eliminating the login requirements and streamlining signup. The easy sign-up without login requirements makes the platform more user convenient.
  13. Easy to use portal : Odoo Subcription module provide your customer with access to a user-friendly portal where they can see all of their data and contract options in a single view.
  14. Facilitate Automatic Payment : The Odoo Subscription module facilitate automatic payment. So by making the payment automatic, you can save more time and effort. In addition, the invoices are automatically generated and sent for smooth management.
  15. Auto generation of definite contracts : With the powerful platform, the contract is created with the appropriate settings and the products after you confirm a quotation with recurring products.
  16. Automated Tax Processing : Based on the regions and rates that you have selected, taxes are automatically managed in real-time.

In short, the Odoo 16 Subscription module offers you enhanced control over creating and managing subscriptions for your customers. With the various features it provides, you can easily monitor all recurring costs and ensure that all your customers’ payments are made on time. In addition, by leveraging the features of the Odoo 16 Subscription module, organizations can improve their subscription management processes and customer service.


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