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Employee contract management in Odoo

March 19, 2018 · 2 minutes read

Employee contract is the cornerstone of Organization-Employee relationship. Employee salary structure, contract duration, working schedule, work permit details etc. can be configured in employee contract.  You can add new contract from Employees > Contract > Create

You can select ‘Employee’ ‘Department’ and other basic information from the window and assign the contract directly to the employee. If you already configured the employee details then Odoo will automatically fill the fields like Department, job title etc. We can set multiple contracts for an employee, however, the system by default uses the latest contract as the running contract.

Working Schedule

We can set working schedule of the Employee from here itself. Click working Schedule Drop Down menu to add the working schedule of the employee.

  • Click Add an Item to Fill duty timing and Leaves
  • Click <Save>

The administrator can Update a contact information, contract Status or delete a contract altogether by the following method from Employees > Contract 

Select the contract you wish to change

  • Make edits wherever needed and click <Save>

Contract Status

In Odoo a contract has four states, namely New, Running, To Renew and Expired. We can change the status of the contract from the status bar. The contract will automatically move to expired state when it exceeds the duration.

This is how we configure and manage the contract in Odoo HR management system.


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