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What Are The New Features in Odoo 16 HR Management

April 11, 2023 · 12 minutes read

Odoo 16 HR Management is an All-in-One package to manage the entire HR process of a company including Employee Recruitment, Attendance, time off management, Employee expense management, salary computations, and much more. Odoo 16 HR management will have specific modules to successfully manage employee details and centralize the HR process.

Odoo 16 has bring New Features in Odoo 16 HR Management.In this blog, we are looking at the new features introduced in Odoo 16 in each module. Let’s begin with the recruitment module.


The recruitment module keeps your hiring process more efficient to hire the most talented employees. Once the vacancy has been reported HR manager can start recruitment to a variant department for different job positions. HR managers can publish job positions on websites and receive applications. Received applications pass through different interview stages. Finally, some of the applicants will be hired or rejected.

Improved View and UI

With Odoo 16, the recruitment dashboard has improved and become more natural to understand. Information like To Recruit, number of applications received, activity details, new applications, whether published on the website, who is the recruiter, etc. will be available from the dashboard.

Interviewer and Employment Type

Some job positions hire employees for the part-time staff or permanent staff. Thus the employment type can be mentioned in the job positions and who is the interviewer, these details can be added while creating the job position.

Improved UX and CV Digitisation

Applicants can now see the job description on the left-hand side of the job application form. With Odoo 16 applicants will have the ability to add their LinkedIn profile and thus recruiters will be able to connect with applicants and collect further information from their LinkedIn profiles, other than mentioned in the CV.

CV digitization is new with Odoo 16 where a CV will be available along with the application when an applicant adds his CV and details like name, email, and phone are extracted from the document. Once the applicant uploads the resume and submits an application by clicking on ‘I’m feeling lucky’, the CV will appear in the application.

The recruiter will be able to take the applications from the back end.

This will be available if the respective settings are enabled from the configuration settings of the recruitment module.

Skills on Applicant

Odoo 16 enables you to add applicant skills on the application form of the applicant itself. This will be helpful when an applicant converts to an employee, these skills will be auto-populated to the employee record.

New Recruitment Reports

Odoo 16 introduced new reports including Source Analysis, Time In Stage Analysis, and Team Performance report.

Source Analysis Report depicts the details of applicants whose applications were received through different sources like Facebook, email, and search engine in the last 365 days. Also, application progress like whether hired or in progress, etc.

The Time In Stage Analysis report will depict how long each application resides in a particular interview stage. This gives the total time taken to complete an applicant’s recruitment even if the applicant is hired or rejected.

The team Performance report depicts the recruitment performance of each recruiter. Their performance in the sense, of how many employees are hired by each recruiter or how many applications are in progress.

Employee Module

Once an applicant is converted to an employee, an employee record will be created in the employee module. Here are some new changes added to the employee module. The first one is, in the department configuration odoo adds two smart tabs ‘Employee’ and ‘Plan’.

The number of employees belonging to this department can be seen from the smart tab Employees and the Plans indicate the onboarding and offboarding plans that are available for the employees of the department. Now with Odoo 16, the Department can be assigned for plans.

The ‘other responsible’ can be added who will be responsible for the activity if not linked to an employee. If the activity is for ‘Request Signature’, now we can add the document template to sign.

Also now we will be able to launch onboarding/offboarding plans to multiple employees at a time by selecting employees from the list view and launch plan.

The plan cannot be launched if the employee does not have a corresponding related user. Otherwise, it depicts a warning.

Sometimes employees work at a scheduled time and thus they have a standard working hour to follow per week. But sometimes working time will be flexible, they don’t have any time-bound. Odoo 16 users will be able to mark whether employees follow a standard working schedule or flexible hours, which can be depicted in the work information tab of the employee form.

Also, two filters are introduced where HR managers can filter employees by ‘My Team’ and ‘My Department’.

Another interesting feature is that fleet requests can be added from the fleet Smart tab of the employee form.

A new report on employee skills is now available in the employee reporting.

Employee contract

Every employee must have a valid employment contract that defines the employee’s work-related details and salary details. Odoo 16 three work entry source. The work entry source defines the source of work entry generations.

  1. Working schedule: the work entries will be generated based on the standard working hours defined for the employee.
  2. Attendances: Work entry will be generated based on the employee attendance 
  3. Planning: Work entry will be generated from employee planning is added.

Also, the Part-time tab enables one to mention whether the employee is working part-time and what will be the working schedule as a part-time employee.

Employee Referrals

The change that has been made in the referral app is that now the background of the referral app can be changed. The background image can be added from the settings of the employee referral module.


The planning module enables us to plan resources for different projects. With odoo 16,  employee contracts come with factors that decide the work entry generation of employees. 

Thus the work entry will be counted as the planning is added to the employee.

In some cases, employees were part-time employees so they are working as they are assigned some work. Thus work entries for those employees will be taken into account based on the planning.

Appraisal Module

With odoo 16 Appraisal date will be automatically calculated based on the start date of the employee contract. If the starting date of the contract is added it will be considered from the employee creation date.

Another improvement added to the appraisal module is the new report: Skills Evolution. This report depicts employee skill progress. At the time of appraisal, the manager can evaluate the employee’s current skill percentage which can be updated. If an employee acquired a new skill during his tenure, can also be updated.

Once the appraisal has been completed, the skill will be updated in the employee skill management. And based on the previous and current skill improvement the skill evolution report will show employee skill improvement or evolution.


In Odoo 16 Attendance, Kiosk Mode Authentication has been provided with a barcode, RFID, and Manual method to record attendance.

Also, barcodes now scan with Scanner, Back camera, or Front camera which can be defined under barcode source.

Another interesting feature Odoo 16 provides is the count of extra time that an employee worked that day while he checked out. The extra hours today define the extra time the employee worked on the current day. The total extra hours an employee worked in that month is shown as total extra hours.

This will help employees to know the count of hours that they have worked extra.

Lunch Module

The Odoo lunch module deals with employee lunch management including lunch ordering and reception. In Odoo 16, in the order history, it will show the ordered and received lunch orders with an improved tag as ‘Ordered’ and ‘Received’. Also with the Odoo 16, will have the provision to mark ‘Confirm Orders’ and ‘Sent’ orders.

Based on the receipt of the order, the status will also be updated in the list view of Today’s Orders as well as in the dashboard of the lunch module.

Approvals Module

Odoo Approval modules are specifically used to approve different approval requests based on company operation. With Odoo 16, two small features included are the approval sequence that can be set for various approvals, and approvers are allowed to see the approval request without having specific access rights. 

The approvers are defined in the Approval Type.

As the check box ‘Approvers Sequence’ is enabled, approvers have to approve in the Sequential order as approvers are followed.


Odoo 16 Expenses modules facilitate adding default expense journals for expenses paid by employees and paid by companies.

When it comes to re-invoicing expenses, for re-invoicing policy at cost and sales price, the expenses will be added to the sales order at their cost or their sales price respectively when the expense is posted. The total cost of the sale order only affects the margin.

The below screenshot depicts the expense re-invoicing to a sale order. While configuring the first service product whose cost is $80 and sales price is $100. Thus the margin is $20. The margin remains the same even if the expenses are re-invoiced to the sale order.

Time Off Module

Time off enables HR managers to manage employee time off. Different types of time off might need to be configured, and its approval and allocation need to be managed. With Odoo 16 in the overview of the time off module, it depicts the validity of each time off type along with of number days that the user has to remain.

Maximum number of accruals to transfer

In Odoo 16 while configuring the accrual plan, a new field appears as ‘Maximum number of accruals to transfer’. Every year, employees may have unused time off, and not every unused time off is allowed to carry forward to the coming year. The maximum number of accruals allowed accruals are then added at ‘ Maximum number of accruals to transfer’, those will be only carried or transferred to the next year.

Stress Days

Odoo 16 now can record stress days. Under the configuration tab of the time-off module, stress days can be recorded.

Taking time off during a stressful day is not allowed for a simple employee but is allowed for time off officers. The stress days can be applied to a specific department. Thus employees in those departments are not allowed to take time off on those days. Or the employee should only be able to create time off on a stressful day that does not include his department.

In the calendar view, the stress days are depicted with the respective colors mentioned.

Cancellation of Approved leaves

Users are now able to delete the leaves which are approved by themselves. From the calendar view click on any approved leaves.

Here April 13 seems to be the approved time, on clicking on the 13th of April a pop-up appears as shown below.

Click on the DELETE button which asks for the reason for canceling the time off.

The DELETE TIME OFF button deletes the approved leave. It is also possible to delete the time-off request from the dashboard which is not approved in the same way.

Overlapped Time-off Validation

Another feature added to time off is the improved validation error when leaves are overlapped. If the employee is requested for time off with a different time off type on the same day, a validation will appears says that the time off overlapped on the same day.

Payroll Module

The Odoo payroll module helps to calculate the employee payroll. Payroll calculation is based on the work entry. When an employment contract is created for the employee, the work entry source can be defined either as based on Working Schedule or Attendance or Planning, which is already discussed in the section ‘Employee Contract’. Based on the defined work entry, the working days of employees are taken. 

Payroll Dashboard

Payroll Dashboard is new in Odoo 16, which depicts a lot of information including some warnings if employees have no running contracts, employees details who have multiple company cars, employees with invalid bank accounts, employees with invalid configured language, details of work entries having conflicts, newly created contracts details, Time off requests of employees whose supporting documents are not attached, etc.

The Batches section is for depicting the details of payslips in batches. The employer cost gives a graph of the cost of the company for paying employees for a while. The Employee Trends graph depicts the new employee creation in the specified period.

In the Notes section users can add notes using the basic building blocks that odoo provides. The ‘+’ icon helps to create a new one for users.

Access Rights of Payroll Module

Odoo 16 introduced one more access right for the payroll module, which is Manager. Those users who have manager access rights for the payroll module will only have the ability to read the contracts of the team members. No editing or creation of new contracts is allowed. Also, this user does not have any access to other records like the dashboard, work entries, reporting, payslips, and configuration.

Payroll Localisation

Odoo 16 introduces payroll localization of Kenya and Luxembourg. This will add salary structure and dedicated rules for specified localization or country.

For Kenyan localization, some additional fields are added to contracts to add benefits, tax deductions, and insurance.

Based on these data salary rules may also be country specific. The below shows the pre-installed salary rule for Kenyan localization. Users are allowed to add more rules if required.

For every hr localization, some additional fields for benefits and deductions will be there. It varies from country to country and based on those fields, salary rules will be structured for the localization-specific salary structure.

Fleet Module

The fleet module manages company vehicles and records their odometer, services, and so on.

Odoo 16 Fleet now has the option to record the cancellation date for vehicle number plates. Also, some information like CO2 emissions can be tracked in the chatter as well.

For more information related to odoo hr module visit our previous blog. Which help you to get a more detailed picture about Odoo hr module.


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