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What are the New Updations in Odoo 15 Website

March 9, 2022 · 6 minutes read

The leading business application, Odoo ERP, includes various business modules, and the system regularly updates its modules. The latest version of the Odoo 15, brings various new features and new functionalities that will smoothen your workflow. When we look into the Odoo 15, we can see a lot of advanced improvements and new practical features. 

When you look at the case of the Odoo 15 Website module, you will find lots of updates. The speed and performance of the module are increased.  The new artificial intelligence engine implemented in the Odoo 15 Website builder makes it more user-friendly. 

Website Configurator

The new Website Configurator is an excellent example that made so many improvements in the Odoo 15 version. This module will be very useful for people who really don’t know how to create a website or don’t have much designing skills. doo implemented a new artificial intelligence engine to its 15 version, and it will be very beneficial to mold your websites based upon your type and industry size. You can effortlessly design your own websites based on your preferences. To create a website, what you want to do is to answer four questions about your website requirements. Then choose a color theme, or you can even upload your company’s logo. Odoo will automatically detect the colors from your logo and will be able to apply this color straight to the website template. 

Preconfigured Palettes

The Odoo 15 Website builder offers a premade palette that will be very useful for designing your website in a more alluring manner. It also acts as a powerful identifier to quickly identify your brand.

Preconfigured Pages and Features

The module consists of various pre-configured pages and features that can be easily applied to your website that you don’t need to create each page individually. 

Add animations to images and columns

The Odoo 15 Website module provides you the provision to include animations to text, images, and columns. It will give a better visual effect and make your website more live. It will help you to attract more visitors to your website.

Background Images

The new version allows you to use new and extra tall or extra-wide images as background images. It will give more life to your website. A single click on the image will showcase an overlay around the selected column. Moreover, a new progress bar is introduced for image upload. It is also possible to add animated shapes into images.

Advanced Building Blocks

The building blocks system allows you to create your website page from scratch with drag and drop functionality. The new version introduced various new fully customizable building blocks. Now you have plenty of templates to choose from. The theme colors applied to each building block will make your website more attractive. New blocks were also introduced, like the Donation Block.

Donation Block

Donation Block is the new block introduced in the Odoo 15 Website module. This block can be applied for receiving donations straight from your website. 

Show ribbons in products

Odoo 15 Website builder displays ribbons on products. It is very convenient for your consumers to get a clear idea of which products have been sold or which are the new products, and it is even helpful for identifying the product with any kind of offer.

Gift Card

The Odoo 15 Website module allows you to create and manage gift cards. You can easily create and sell gift cards. The unique codes are created on sale of a gift card, and these generated unique codes will be provided to the customers directly or through emails. 

Continue in shop page even after adding products to the cart

Odoo 15 Website module enables you to stay on the shop page even after adding products to the cart. No redirects occur when the buyer adds a product to the cart.

Launch a new HTML Editor

The new HTML Editor will strengthen productivity. Using this editor, you can easily edit and create HTML codes.

Boolean Toggle Widget

The readability of the Boolean Toggle Widget is improved in the 15 versions of the Odoo Website builder. 

Coupon Sharing

In the Odoo 15 Website builder, you will be able to share available coupons through email, link, and social media. 

Documents can easily be managed

The Document can be easily managed in the new Website builder. You can effortlessly add documents to the website and have the provision to select a suitable design for the visitors or consumers to download them. You can effortlessly alter the assignee, priority, and status of a document with hotkeys. 

Product detail page

Odoo 15 Website module includes the product detail page layout and you can access the share buttons. This will be very useful to share products on different social media platforms via the website product detail page. 


Upgraded keyboard navigation within the dropdown menu. You can choose multiple companies at once in the company switcher. The system also improved the command palette design and footer. 

Google Analytics

In Odoo 15 Website Builder, Odoo renewed the google analytics integration to collaborate with google’s most recent updates. 

Advanced searching options

The system implemented advanced searching facilities, and now it is easy to search for products, blogs, and many more using the website search bars. You can quickly sort the list using advanced features. 

Extra features added on Pie charts

In the Pie chart representation, the percentages are displayed with more clarity. 


All themes were renovated, and each one received a better look. 

New options in website headers

Odoo 15 Website module understands the importance of website headers and includes new options to tailor web page headers.

Video Building Blocks

The Odoo 15 Website Builder included twelve recommended videos to make available a background video quickly. The carousels are designed as mobile-friendly. 

New default website logo and new templates

In the Odoo 15 Website module, you can view the new default website logo. Moreover, the system introduces new attractive templates that can be used to customize your web page headers. 


With the new version, you can more attractively and effortlessly design your website. It is possible to select a gradient for background, text, and button colors. The color picker comes with a gradient editor with linear or circular gradients that can effortlessly customize. Moreover, the platform established more control over the Grayscale palette and included support for multiple colors. 


The auto-select and double click features are introduced to select Hexa and RGB code in the color picker. Moreover, you can view the new visual indicators, and it will help to show when the user enters full-screen mode and enters and explains how to exit. Also, the options tab is modified as the theme tab. Moreover, if you click on any URL, you will depict a new URL. The system also provides the provision to modify, break or copy the link to the clipboard. 

The Odoo Website builder is the best platform for customizing your company website. If you want to know more about the Odoo 15 Website module you can visit Odoo Book v15 which I referenced to write this article

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